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Master Social Media From Your Inbox!

  • Generate effective messages using our coaching prompts.
  • Reply to comments made on posts from your email.
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How Does Social Sidekick Work?

Connect Your Accounts...

Start by connecting your existing social media accounts and selecting when you would like to receive our email coaching prompts. Want coaching every day? No problem. Just a few times a week? That's easy too. Flexibility is what we're all about.

Reply To Our Emails...

Once you receive our coaching prompt email, simply click reply and type your answer to our formulated question. Feeling inspired? Type your own response! Our questions serve as guidance, and as a way to overcome the evil blank page! Hey, what are Sidekicks for?

We Handle The Posting...

After you reply to our message, your job is done. We handle the heavy lifting. Your reply is relayed instantly to your connected Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts all without you ever leaving your email!

Stay In The Conversation

After you send out your updates, the fun is just getting started! When someone comments on your posts, Social Sidekick sends you a notification email that allows you to respond by simply clicking reply.